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ned stevenson
ned stevenson Campaign leader

The purpose of this article is to tell people about mountain gorilla’s diet. people should read this article to because they need to be…Read More

What do gorillas eat? And other gorilla facts | WWF

World Wildlife Fund
Gorillas, the largest living primates, make their homes in central and east Africa. They function in a well-developed social structure and often exhibit behavior and emotions similar to the human experience, including laughter and sadness. Poaching, disease and habitat destruction remain threats for gorillas, and WWF is working to designate new…Read More
ned stevenson
ned stevenson Campaign leader

The article is about how close gorillas are to becoming extinct. The purpose of this article is warn people about the immediate dangers…Read More

Why Are Mountain Gorillas Becoming Extinct?

Humans and gorillas are 98% genetically identical. You may ask or not know, "Why is this important?" Its important to understand that gorillas are much like us both socially, and genetically.  Mountain gorillas are the largest of all primates. They have long arms, massive chests, and very large hands and feet. They are the hairiest gorillas out…Read More
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