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michael hogg
michael hogg Campaign leader

This deforestation in being called slothageddon because of the thousands of sloths that were killed during this half of the forest was…Read More

The untold story of deforestation: Slothageddon

When a stretch of forest in Suriname was slatted to be cleared in October 2012, Monique Pool, a known sloth caretaker, was asked if she could take in the 14 displaced sloths. Of course she said yes (or she would have faced the wrath of a jealous internet). A machine operator slowly pushed over trees as Pool and a team of volunteers rushed about…Read More
michael hogg
michael hogg Campaign leader

This is about deforestation in romaina that killed over 35 different species

Special Report: Deforestation in Romania

European Wilderness Society
Prof. Dr. Hans Dieter Knapp shared with us this devastating report about forestry practices in Romania and we immediately wanted to publish this report in order to make it available to our supporters and wilderness advocates. In Europe, there is still this believe that deforestation is something that only happens in the Amazon or Canada. This…Read More
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