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Liam Peters
Liam Peters Campaign leader

In Kwazulu-Natal the first Rhino orphanage was established. They find Rhino calves who have lost their mom to poachers. However, the…Read More

Rhino Orphanage Attacked | People Magazine

People Magazine
By Vanessa Papas: They witnessed extreme brutality and watched as one of their own was violently butchered. They longed and they grieved. Up until Monday morning, it was believed a group of orphaned rhino calves who had lost their moms to poachers had survived the worst. They were slowly started to trust and feel safe. Just like humans,  the…Read More
Liam Peters
Liam Peters Campaign leader

This article is from a reliable source and addresses important issues why Rhinos are becoming extinct. This article is about… How much on…Read More

Black rhinos on the brink of extinction as poaching grows

Mail Online
Published: 17:57 EDT, 8 February 2017 | Updated: 21:19 EDT, 8 February 2017 1.7k shares Black rhinos are being driven to extinction as the ‘unprecedented’ high price of rhino horns leads to an explosion of poaching, experts say. Rhinos are slaughtered for their horns to be used in Chinese medicine – with just 5,000…Read More
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