Palm oil harvesting is destroying the Orangutans
habitat. Palm oil is the most used oil in the world, you find it in vegetable oil, processed foods and some of the most famous makeup brands.  The goal of this campaign is to save the Orang-utans from deforestation due to palm oil harvesting. The reason that this campaign is important, is because the orangutan is a beloved animal all around the world and it is sad to see them becoming extinct because of illegal logging and farming palm oil.

During the past decade the orangutan population has decreased by 50%, with these numbers the IUCN red list assessment shows that there are only 7,300 Sumatran orangutans remaining. Illegal logging and palm oil harvests are the main reason why these wonderful creatures are becoming endangered, and if this continues the orangutan could become extinct in the next five years. At this point in time 250,000 tons of palm oil is exported yearly from Asia.

There are lots of changes that need to be made now and in the future if we want to save orangutans from extinction. The main change that needs to be made is to stop the illegal logging and deforestation in the palm oil industry. If we do not try to stop the deforestation our planet will become unsustainable in the long run.

. The IUCN red list assessments show that there are only 7,300 Sumatran orangutans left in the world, also. This is the first reason why this must be stopped and stopped straight away and why the harvesting of palm oil has to stop. With 80% of the Orangutans habitat disappearing in the last 20 years, there is on average 6,000 Orangutans dying each year.

Palm oil is also used in vegetable oils, which means most of the world’s population uses it nearly every day. There is not enough awareness around this issue and what actually happens and how palm oil is grown and what they have to do to clear the land. Most of the companies that grown palm oil burn down the natural forest which means all of the animals which live there will most likely die because they have no way of e- getting out. But also there are illegal loggers. Illegal logging is a major contributor to the loss of Indonesia’s forests.  A 2007 United Nations Environment Program report estimated that 73-88% of timber logged in Indonesia is illegally sourced (source 1). This shows the impact illegal logging has on the environment, biodiversity and ecosystems, this is why palm oil and deforestation is so unsustainable.

Along with the companies that have permission to log and harvest palm oil there are also people that do it illegally. Illegal logging is the second biggest reason why the orangutan numbers are declining, while in one week 10.8 hectares of forest was logged in Sumatra alone, this means while palm oil is not being grown they are just clearing land. If we were able to put a stop to the illegal logging we would be able to keep some of the forest and try and save the orangutan numbers or at least some of it.

In order for this issue to be addressed and for Indonesia and Asia to become a more sustainable and economical country they need to come up with a plan of action to cut down the number of illegal loggers in their country. If action is not taken swiftly there will be a lot less forest in Asia and Indonesia that there already is today, in turn leading to the extinction of the Orangutans. These are the key and important reasons and factors why people should support this very serious and important campaign in the world.

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