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CBS News anchor asks if GOP shooting was ‘self-inflicted’

Scott Pelley, CBS News anchor, asks if GOP shooting was ‘self-inflicted’

The Washington Times
In his penultimate broadcast as anchor of “CBS Evening News,” Scott Pelley questioned whether Wednesday’s assassination attempt of Republican members of Congress was self-inflicted “to some degree.” Mr. Pelley, who ended his six-year run as “CBS Evening News” anchor Friday night, declared during his closing monologue Thursday that now is the time…Read More
Conservative Corps
Conservative Corps Campaign leader

Scott Pelley shouldn't be employed by mainstream media again. His comments about Steve Scalise were outrageous.

Rep. Tom Reed: Scott Pelley should 'never be employed in the media again' after Scalise comments

Washington Examiner
Rep. Tom Reed on Monday condemned news anchor Scott Pelley for suggesting House Majority Whip Steve Scalise's shooting might have been "to some degree, self-inflicted." "For CBS News' Scott Pelley to describe the brutal shooting of Congressman Scalise as 'self- inflicted' was beyond the pale and further proved that the Mainstream Media has…Read More