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The price of ivory has fallen with very cheap prices, this brings more flow through cash and business as the prices have dropped for ivory.…Read More

Elephants Get a Reprieve as Price of Ivory Falls

The New York Times
Elephants have been slaughtered by the thousands in recent years in what appeared to be an insatiable quest for ivory. Employing a wide range of tools, including helicopters, military-grade weaponry and poisoned pumpkins, poachers have brought down herd after herd. The poachers have also killed scores of wildlife rangers. The tusks have been…Read More

The ivory ban trade is not enough, this article is explain how that there is still illegal trades out there dealing these tusks to markets.…Read More

One of Africa's Last Great Tusker Elephants May Have Been Killed by Poachers

WATCH: Satao II, a 50-year-old great tusker elephant, was recently found dead in Tsavo East National Park, Kenya. One of Kenya's last great tusker elephants was reportedly shot and killed by poachers. During a routine flyover on January 4 by the conservation group Tsavo Trust in southern Kenya, the body of a famous, roughly 50-year-old African…Read More
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