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Jake Elborne
Jake Elborne Campaign leader

Explain why this article matters Because poachers got caught for killing tigers and selling their parts This article is about poachers…Read More

Tiger poachers are Nabbed in Sumatra

Clean Malaysia
Sumatran tigers are much like their Malayan cousins: they’re rare, majestic … and critically endangered in the wild. They share another thing in common: they’re frequently targeted by poachers. A case in point: Acting on a top-off, Indonesian authorities arrested two men for allegedly trafficking in the body parts of Sumatran tigers in a village…Read More
Jake Elborne
Jake Elborne Campaign leader

It matters because innocent tigers that had been tagged, have been killed inhumanly by poachers This article is about poaches killing 2…Read More

Second tiger death in 7 days at Chandrapur, poaching ruled out

Less than a week after Srinivas, the son of iconic tiger Jai, was found electrocuted at Naghbid forest range, another male adult tiger was found dead on Wednesday afternoon, just 60 km away. Forest officials said the tiger died in mysterious circumstances. A post-mortem could not reveal the exact cause of death as the carcass was found decomposed…Read More
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