My goal is to put an end to global warming and see us on the path to recovery which is a cleaner and more environmentally friendly existence. Global warming has become a serious global issue due to excessive pollution into the atmosphere from places like factories, livestock and trapped gasses. I want to spread awareness about the irreversible damage that is plaguing the atmosphere and earth so that we can cut down and find alternative ways of production. This campaign is important because global warming is causing an array of irreversible damage such as the extinction of animals and ecosystems which could eventually lead to mass fatalities and casualties of humans.

The atmosphere is completely essential for our existence as it controls things like heat, light and protects us from radiation coming from the sun. Unfortunately the atmosphere does its job too well, trapping greenhouse gases which in turn heats up the world and is creating problems like climate change. By 2040 all ice is expected to be melted in the Arctic, leading to the extinction of all animals that rely on the ice to live on and hunt from. Due to global warming, more than one million species have become extinct due to their habitats being destroyed. Bill Nye, a famous and trusted scientist and television presenter, showed his belief in global warming when he stated “Climate change is happening, humans are causing it, and I think this is perhaps the most serious environmental issue facing us”.

With the rising temperatures and the disappearance of natural habitats many animals have had to act quickly and adapt to the changes or face extinction. More than one million different species have been lost to this cause already and this number can only rise with the continuation of air pollution. There are two major factors that lead to this devastation; the first is deforestation, and the second, previously mentioned greenhouse gas emissions. After humans have harvested the precious resource, timber, from forests the animals that originally inhabited the once flourishing ecosystem are left in the open without shelter, warmth, food or protection from the attack of predators. In the frozen wastelands of the world like the Arctic, Greenland, North Pole and the South Pole are all suffering the melting of ice caps and frozen lakes that hundreds of thousands of animals call home. Similar to the forests; these animals are left without shelter, warmth or food and are exposed to predators. After the prey dies out the sensitive food cycle will be thrown out of balance and leave predators hungry and eventually lead to them dying out. These animals need our protection because there is nobody else that can stand up for them.

As the name suggests global warming warms up the atmosphere creating the problems that I’ve previously listed but one effect of the phenomenon is more frequent and severe natural disasters like storms, heat waves, floods and droughts. These types of disasters are all created in the atmosphere but since the introduction of greenhouse gasses the disasters have become more common and more extreme. The previous nine years are on record as the hottest days in recorded history. The increase in heat means that the atmosphere can collect, retain and deploy more rain than ever, or hold off rain for months on end making hot areas hotter and harsher and wet areas wetter and inhabitable. These effects on the earth can easily be reversed if we push the earth onto the right path by reducing our emission of greenhouse gasses.

As temperatures rise, so do the heat-related deaths which mostly affect the elderly, pregnant, children, sick, and low-income communities. The most dangerous effect is heat-waves which are prolonged periods of time with abnormally hot weather. Heat-waves have three stages: low level, severe and extreme. All stages are particularly dangerous to the venerable but everyone, even fit and healthy men and woman, can be damaged severely by the heat. Effects include sunburn, dehydration, fainting and dry skin. In 2009, 432 people died from a heat-wave that hit South Australia and the Northern Territory. Heat-waves aren't nearly as scary and dangerous as melanoma, however is a completely silent disease that can hide and grow in your body for months before it starts to affect your body. The melanoma can grow anywhere, regardless if it has been in the sunlight, meaning it can hide in parts of your body you don't usually look. If melanoma does not get treated soon enough then it will become a fatal and painful end. As the atmosphere gets hotter, the melanomas can grow much faster and are much more dangerous.

In conclusion, global warming is slowly and painfully destroying our planet and leaving a destructive path behind it. As previously mentioned, global warming affects everything and everyone. Without the delicate balance of nature, animals and humans then the scales will tip and we will be left with nothing but regret for not acting sooner. As previously stated “Climate change is happening, humans are causing it, and I think this is perhaps the most serious environmental issue facing us” – Bill Nye.

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