We are all going to die! To clarify, if bees become extinct we as humans will lose up to a third of our diet and potentially die. The goal is to make the bee population in Australia stronger than ever before. This is an extremely important campaign as without bees it will be very hard for humans to survive.

What is currently happening to bees is critical as without the bees to pollinate all the crops and flowers one third of the human diet is erased. Pesticides, development, parasites and many other things are destroying the population of bees.

Change is most definitely needed as bees are becoming extinct. Bees provide cross pollination to pollinate our crops which provide one third of the human diet. This means that without bees humans cannot get the products they need to survive.  

Firstly bees provide us with cross pollination that correctly pollinates the plants and crops in Australia. Pollination can be performed by birds and wind however, bees are much faster and more efficient pollinating up to 5000 flowers a day per bee. Not to mention that bees are the only pollinators who correctly cross pollinate. Without the correct pollination the crops and plants we grow cannot produce a stable amount of food and plant life. This means that without bees humans cannot get the proper amount of healthy food they need.

Secondly If bees are not here to correctly pollinate the prices of fruit and vegetables can increase significantly. From the university of Minnesota explains “Having enough pollinators during bloom is essential to produce a sustainable crop” this means that without a strong population of bees crops cannot properly grow the fruit and vegetable we as humans need. This can mean that the fruits and vegetables that are sold are smaller and much harder to grow, and as bees produce one third of the human diet we need the food pollinated correctly, therefore without bees the costs of food will increase. As the cost of food increases people will stop buying the essentials needed to stay strong and healthy and farmer and fruit sellers will be out of business.

We as people need bees to survive. Without bees farmers cannot grow the foods essential to human growth. Bees can survive without humans. “Bees do not depend on us! Our existence however depends on bees!”  Without bees trees cannot grow to their full potential as trees cannot survive without proper pollination given by bees. The average person needs two fully grown trees to survive. Therefore humans need the bees to pollinate and reproduce trees as humans are reproducing at a rapid and if there are no bees there will no longer be enough trees per person. We need to do something

In conclusion “Bees can live without us, in their natural environment, without the damaging impact associated with human civilisation.” We rely on bees for so much and in return we destroy their habitat and take flowers and trees away. We need to stop.

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