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Cassidy Bowman
Cassidy Bowman Campaign leader

This article is melittologists that are trying to breed new bees that are resistant to parasites such as the verroa mite. The purpose of…Read More

Catalyst: Honey Bees - ABC TV Science

NARRATION There's one animal on the planet that can make or break our food supply. Even the shape of our food depends on it. John Evans Well, there's five sectors in an apple, if they're not pollinated evenly, then you don't get a perfectly round apple. NARRATION We rely on bees to pollinate most of our food crops, and one species in…Read More
Cassidy Bowman
Cassidy Bowman Campaign leader

This story is of a beekeeper who invented a system so that he didn’t need to open the bee hive. For the bees this means so much less stress…Read More

The humble hippie who revolutionised the beehive

ABC News
Cedar Anderson: From humble hippie to multi-millionaire businessman — the man who revolutionised the beehive Updated October 26, 2015 13:28:05 What if you spend years quietly tinkering in a shed on your invention, to find you have to take the reins of a multi-million dollar company overnight? As Australian Story discovers, that…Read More
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