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carter  mewett
carter mewett Campaign leader

this is a website where there are many different articles post by different people around the world

Coral bleaching News, Research and Analysis - The Conversation

The Conversation
This year’s bleaching has mainly affected the Great Barrier Reef’s central region. James Kerry April 12, 2017 Terry Hughes, James Cook University and James Kerry, James Cook University For the first time the Great Barrier Reef has been hit by mass bleaching in consecutive years, with only the reef's southernmost…Read More
carter  mewett
carter mewett Campaign leader

this website is a very informative source to find out about reef bleaching

Coral bleaching - GBRMPA

As the climate changes, coral bleaching is predicted to become more frequent and severe. Sea temperature increases and coral stress from other impacts may increase corals' vulnerability to bleaching. As part of its Reef Health Incident Response System, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority has a Coral Bleaching Response Plan for detecting…Read More