Evidence shows that there are more than 200 million children today who
are child labourers. And an estimated 120 million of these children are engaged in hazardous work. Child labour is very common in certain places these days. It stops children as young as 6 from going to school and getting an education as they are working full time with a lot of hours and very little pay. A lot of the children also don’t have proper nutrition as they either can’t afford it or just get underfed. My goal is to reduce the sales on Nestle products as they have been accused many times of child labour occurring and even after the scandals they keep doing it. This campaign is very important as children around the world are not being able to live a life that a child should live. If we stand together and reduce Nestle sales then we will be able to get their attention and make a change.

Today child labour is very common in some countries. Evidence shows that the most common places that use child labour are Asia and the pacific with around 53%, Latin America with around 7% and sub-Saharan Africa with approximately 30%. This is horrendous considering the fact that approximately 73 million children are under the age of 10 years old. Nestle, a well-known food franchise has been put in the light for their use of child labour to produce their products. To this day evidence proves that Nestle still continue to hire children younger than 15 to work at cocoa farms which are used by Nestle. For example, at a farm that Nestle uses the FLA found evidence of forced labour with a young worker who didn’t receive any salary for a whole years work. The FLA is short for fair labour association, this company goes around to places with child labour and makes sure the work isn’t unfair or wrong. They start investigations on companies that they believe are doing something wrong like no pay for a year. Nestle have been accused various times and this evidence just proves that even big companies which you wouldn’t think could do something like this, can. It is easier for them and also a lot cheaper. This is why we need to reduce the sales of Nestle products as this is just wrong and needs to be stopped. How can we stand by a company that treats children this way?

All of the facts already discussed prove that we need change. Young children are being forced to work for little to no pay, children are not being properly fed and have bad nutrition and some children are even working for years on end without being paid. This is just wrong and there is more than enough evidence to show that we need a change and need to do anything we can to stop issues like this around the world.

The first reason why we need to try and stop child labour is that children are being forced to work for little to no pay at as early as 6 years old. This is very wrong as very young children who should be going to school and living a good life are being forced to work for very little pay and it means they can’t have a normal childhood. They are also still growing, and working as much as these young children do isn’t good for the growing brain and mental state. An example of this is a small carpet factory in Asia. In this factory children as young as 5 were found working there for hours from 6 in the morning until 7 at night for less than 20 cents a day. This information is appalling and examples like this are why we have to stop supporting Nestle and other brands, as they do the exact same thing, they use very young children and make them work hard and long hours and pay them hardly anything.

Another very valid reason as to why we need to try and reduce or even stop child labour is because children are being improperly fed which leads to improper nutrition. Poor nutrition can interrupt the development of the child and also the everyday growing. This is a very big issue within child labour as a lot of child labour kids are not being fed properly, this is the most important factor for a developing child to grow up strong and healthy. If children as young as child labour kids don’t get proper daily nutrition everyday it can really affect the health, strength and a lot of other factors like brain development. Contemporary and historical evidence suggests that the vast majority of working children originate from very poor families whose members undernourishment is common (Garance Genicot). In some cases it might be because of families but not always and it still states that the majority of child labour kids are undernourished. This is plenty of evidence to prove to you that you shouldn’t support Nestle and their branch companies, as they use child labour to produce their products and do the exact same things as other child labour hirers; underfeed them and underpay them.

The third and final reason as to why child labour needs to be stopped and also why you should stop supporting Nestle products is that, some children are working for a long period of time without even being paid, and this just makes the situation even worse than it already is. This is a massive issue in child labour as the children are already being taken advantage of working so hard and so many hours with hardly any pay. It’s slavery! The child isn’t getting anything out of working as hard as they do. Evidence found that a shirt in the United states that can cost $60 can cost less than 10 cents in labour. This is just wrong as the shirt is being sold for a lot of money compared to what the children get. This is why you shouldn’t support Nestle and their branch companies because they use young kids to produce their products for a very cheap wage and then they sell the products for a lot more.

Child labour is a very big global issues these days and would take a very long time to stop completely, however as a community we should do everything we can to not purchase Nestle and their branch companies’ products. If enough people started to do this, it would make them think about what they are doing and stop using child labour to create their products if the impact was big enough. Action needs to be taken to try and prevent any child labour we can as it is just unacceptable and needs to stop. If you were in the situation of working 16 hour days and only earning 20 cents for the day, how would you feel

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