Did you know that those ivory earrings or ivory necklace you are wearing right now was most likely obtained illegally by poaching an elephant? The illegal activity of poaching elephants is a very large issue and could lead to another species extinction. My goal is to stop the illegal trading of ivory that has been obtained from the illegal poaching of elephants. This campaign is important because of the large amounts of elephants being slaughtered for their tusks and how, if this trade continues, we may not have these beautiful creatures with us in the future.

Over the past decade, more than 64% of elephants in Africa have been killed and in the past 3 years poachers have killed over more than 100,000 elephants. The reason poachers illegally hunt and kill elephants is because of the large quantities of ivory that their tusks are made of. The ivory is then sold to people as trophies or made into jewellery and ornaments. Also in 1989 and the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITIES) listed African elephants under Appendix which restricts international trade of their ivory tusks. Later on in 1997 and 2008 there was CITIES-Approved, one-off sales of government-held ivory stockpiles held by Southern African Governments. From 2003 to 2014, with the exception of 2005, CITIES reports have shown that estimated levels of illegal elephant killings in Central Africa have been occurring at unsustainable rates relative to natural population growth. Also African bush elephant populations estimated by the Great Elephant Census, which concluded in August 2016, at roughly 350,000 and in a separate census of African forest elephants an estimated 18,000 to 36,000 individuals in select protected parks. The ban on the killing of elephants allowed some populations to recover, especially where elephants were adequately protected.

If we don’t change now we will lose elephants in large quantities. Therefore eventually going extinct. This is important because the elephants are already becoming critically endangered. We should put more thought into another alternatives to getting “ivory” such as excavating mammoth tusks. Because the way they are killing the elephants is inhumane.

The elephants are becoming critically endangered. Did you know there is only 450,000 to 750,000 elephants left in the wild currently? Over the past 10 years, over 64% of the elephant’s population has been illegally poached and killed for their tusks. If this continues the numbers of elephants will drastically reduce and eventually become extinct. Do you really want these beautiful creatures becoming no more? There is other synthetic products or ways that can replace the illegal activity of poaching to get the ivory from elephants.

We should put more effort into digging up mammoth tusks and finding other synthetic materials to replace ivory. There is a synthetic celluloid ivory that can be found on a palm-like tree called a Tagua tree and it produces 7-20 inch nuts that can be easily shaped and carved to look like anything you want. Also due to the culling of elephants it has lead people to think of other ways of obtaining actual ivory in a humane way, which is by digging up mammoth tusks. But in return that requires sometimes destroying habitat to obtain what is sought after. But in turn it stops poachers from killing the elephants in such an inhumane way.

The unorthodox way of killing the elephants isn’t right. The way the poachers are required to obtain an elephant’s full tusk is to rip it out of their skull because it grows out of their skulls. Also when the poachers don’t get the full tusks they usually cut the tusks so short and deep that they leave these elephants alive when they do it, and then leave the elephants prone to getting bacteria getting into their tusks and obtaining diseases. There is a better and less affecting way of obtaining ivory instead of killing elephants. The way is to start excavating mammoth tusks, but in turn that increases the demand of ivory and therefore makes it more expensive due to demand.

Poaching is wrong, we know that it is endangering the elephants, there is better alternatives and it is inhumane. If we continue to let these things happen these elephants will be no more. So let’s put a stop to this, sign the petition, make a pledge and save the elephants.

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