One of the biggest global issues we are faced with today is the poaching of the mountain gorillas in Rwanda, Africa. This is an ongoing issue as it is not a widely known problem. The extinction of the mountain gorilla is an important problem because of the impact they have on the ecosystem. The reason why we need to do something is because we must prevent the extinction of an entire species.

There are currently 600 mountain gorillas left in the world in which all live in Africa and the largest group of mountain gorillas are currently living in Rwanda a small country in Africa. The mountain gorilla is the most endangered animal in the world along with the white rhino and a couple of others. Mountain gorilla threats include civil war, poaching and habitat destruction. Female gorillas can give birth from age 10 carrying up to 2 babies at 1 time. Mountain gorillas can weigh up to 425 pounds and live in elevations of 8,000 to 13,000 ft. Mountain gorillas are an unaggressive species unless provoked or feel in danger. New born gorillas can weigh up to 1.8kg. Mountain gorillas are vegetarians who also disperse vegetation.

This issue is extremely important as not enough awareness is spread making the extinction rate higher than before. There are currently 600 gorillas left in the world. Gorillas and human share a common ancestor making their possible extinction a more devastating one. Without the mountain gorillas further generations will have no more further knowledge about the subspecies.

Extinction of mountain gorillas will reduce the vegetation rate as the gorillas are a main cause for the growth of vegetation, this is called seed dispersal. This is an issue simply because the villagers and poachers rely on the gorillas for this exact reason. This is only one of many reasons the mountain gorilla should be saved.   

The mountain gorilla is a species and just like humans the gorillas have a role to play in their own environment, us as humans don’t have any right to kill them or destroy their habitat. The mountain gorilla is a harmless species unless threatened. There isn’t a good enough reason to perform genocide on such a loving species.

The mountain gorilla is the closest ancestor to humans, as time goes on scientist are discovering more about the species and the relation they have with us humans. Without the mountain gorilla’s research towards the animal will come to a standstill and limit them to any more information about gorillas in general. This will have an effect on other generations down the track, making it extremely hard to study the species as they will be not existent.  

In order for things to change we must work together as a community by implementing a change towards this horrific issue. The change we need to implement is better protection for the gorillas and harsher penalties towards illegal poaching and hunting. We need to work together to save the mountain gorilla as what is happening is wrong and must be stopped.

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