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Matthew Schulz
Matthew Schulz Campaign leader

This article is about the suffering and trauma gorillas go through when illegally captured by poachers. The article also talks about the…Read More

Record poaching threatens mountain gorillas

The Sydney Morning Herald
At risk … a baby gorilla.  JOHANNESBURG: A surge in trafficking of baby gorillas is posing a fresh risk to the endangered species in the Democratic Republic of Congo, wildlife officials have warned. Poachers demanding $US40,000 ($38,896) for one of the animals were caught by park rangers earlier this month in an undercover sting operation. It…Read More
Matthew Schulz
Matthew Schulz Campaign leader

This article is an importance to un educated people that don’t know enough about the mountain gorillas and the potential risk they are in…Read More

Trekking With the Gorillas of Rwanda

The New York Times
At the time of my trip in mid-August, the Hirwa family consisted of a dominant male — the enormous silverback, Munyinya — as well as one younger male (known as a blackback), six females, five juveniles from 3.5 to 6 years old, and six infants, including a week-old baby. It is one of 10 families that have been habituated to near-daily contact with…Read More
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