The abuse of animals in the world is one of the largest problems we humans have created. The abuse and culling of tigers has been a problem for centuries. The goal of this campaign is to save the tigers from extinction and have future generations be able to enjoy and experience the tigers strong presence. This campaign is important because not only are the tigers vital to the food chain in their habitats, they are one of the earths most spectacular wild creatures.

The main push for a change comes from Bengal, India. A man by the name of Ajay Dubey is fighting the legal side with a petition to withhold all human interaction in tiger national reserves. He believes after his 25 year’s experience in tiger conservation research that the key to their survival will be leaving the tigers completely to themselves. He proves this by multiple cases of tiger habitat destruction by commercial expansion and tourism. With less than 3200 tigers left and half of those in Bengal India, our actions must be quick it might already be too late.

By 2017 three tiger subspecies have become extinct, the Bali, Javan and Caspian tiger. The extinction of these animals has already begun, this proves Ajay’s theory is correct, many sub species are now extinct due to over culling and other human caused problems.

The world in the last century has lost over 97% of its tiger population. The number of tigers are decreasing also due to the increase in demand for Chinese medicinal purposes, buy-products as in coats and furs. Minimal tigers have died from natural causes leaving humans to blame. The poaching of tigers became a large demand in the early 1800s, men would pose with their catch.

People as a collective have all recognised that there is a problem however we mostly choose to ignore the facts and live on while the slaughter of these beautiful creatures continues. The answer and the solution lies with us. We can change the outcome and preserve these animals and extinguish the threat of their extinction by focusing on cutting down on illegal poachers and restricting the entry for tourism companies. Please help the tigers by joining this cause.

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