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Затворени Делфинариуми до сега, построени , но никога отваряни или преустановили предствалнеия и внос на морски бозайници в плен

Captive Facilities — Closed | Dolphin Project

Dolphin Project
The following is a list of aquariums and marine parks which have closed or were never opened, as a result of Dolphin Project’s ongoing efforts to end the exploitation of captive marine mammals, as well as the tireless efforts of grassroots activists. Facility Name Location Status Lerner Marine Lab Bimini, Bahamas Islands Closed …Read More

Рехабилитиране и освобождаване на Делфини родени в плен и на Делфини, които са били родени в морето и впоследствие продадени да бъдат…Read More

Dolphin Release Protocol | Dolphin Project

Dolphin Project
PROTOCOL FOR THE REHABILITATION AND RELEASE OF CAPTIVE ATLANTIC BOTTLENOSE DOLPHINS (Tursiops truncatus) By Richard O’Barry Founder/Director-Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project There are general criteria for the rehabilitation and release of captive dolphins back into the wild. But not a complete guide or cookbook. That’s impossible because each…Read More
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