Seals are emotionally complex animals, and feel pain and trauma much as we do. The seal hunt involves clubbing and battering harmless, vulnerable animals to death in front of their families, babies killed in front of mothers, flowing rivers of blood. Is there no end to human greed and selfishness?…Read More

This campaign matters because JUSTIN TRUDEAU kills BABIES SEALS and SEALS- nobody wants to see how a baby is dying in front of his family or a entire family.
This is an old and cruel way - WHY ? We are in 2017 if you do not know- open your eyes and see THE BLOOD IN YOUR HANDS.


Seal hunting is barbaric and cruel, all creatures deserve the right to life, not to be hunted to fulfill a cruel human sport or want for the skin

I feel very strongly that man should not interfere with the numbers of seals born. Nature will take care of them. Protect those who are becoming extinct because of man's Greed for money, and leave the rest to nature by staying off their islands and away from their habitat.

If you need more reason, read Kipling's "The White Seal" in his collection "The Jungle Book" (much later bowdlerized by that master-trivalizer, Walt Disney).

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