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End Racism Against Native's within Justice System of Canada

Seeking To End Systemic Racism toward Native People within the justice System

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    I campaign for freedom, equal rights and a peaceful resolution. Exercising internal and external…Read More

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Cowichan Tsou'halim
Cowichan Tsou'halim Campaign leader

Our world wide campaign to give Voice to Native Women Canada!

Native Women are Living a Time of Rape Culture - Linear Racialized Sexual Discrimination - Your Support and Donations Provide Help for Giving Voice to those that Survived. | World Pulse

World Pulse
Native Women are hunted down and raped at an alarming rate - many are kidnapped and murdered. Women are Living during a Time of Rape Culture in Canada - nobody care's! Help us Give Native Women a Voice. Native women go missing in North America at an alarming rate!…Read More
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