A report on the inquiry is due on August 22. RSPCA NSW next?

Vic RSPCA slammed in inquiry submissions

Victoria's RSPCA needs to stop its animal activism and political campaigning, submissions to a parliamentary inquiry into the organisation say. A Victorian parliamentary inquiry will look into the RSPCA's use of its powers and funding provided by the government. Submissions by farming and greyhound groups say it needs to stop its activism and…Read More

Because all living creatures matter..because any living creature feels, and deserve be treated with respect.


Inquiry into the RSPCA

Nathan Barnes, a former RSPCA employee and animal behaviour expert who claimed to have helped devise the behavioural test, said it was used…Read More

RSPCA criticised over claims test to decide fate of dogs is misused

The Sydney Morning Herald
THE RSPCA has been forced to defend a "temperament test" used to decide whether dogs are re-homed or euthanased, amid claims the assessment is being misused and animals are not given the best chance at life. The RSPCA euthanased more than 4800 dogs in NSW last financial year, about 40 per cent of dogs brought in. More than 60 per cent of those…Read More

We need to get this happening - our neighboring state VICTORIA has!
We here in NSW need a detailed investigation about the way in which RSPCA NSW exercises its powers and uses its funds.
Let's hear from people and organisations from across NSW with views and experience on these…Read More

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