demand a fair investigation of Trump's Russian ties

This matters because our democracy and our way of life is at stake, but as far as Ryan helping--forget it. He is in as deep as any of the others. He won't lift a finger to help. Let's just hope that Flynn will divulge some dirt on Ryan--unless, of course, he gets poisoned or thrown off a…Read More

There was a tale that Bill Weld ran for governor on a bet, not thinking that he would win. Trump is so arrogant he won't take the time to learn how our government works. It's not like being the CEO and telling everybody "this is how it is". Even his people don't understand how it works. That's…Read More


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This investigation is a test for Speaker Ryan’s leadership. He must put personal and party loyalties aside and ensure that the House…Read More

Speaker Ryan Should Remove Nunes As Intelligence Committee Chair

Common Cause
Ethics laws passed last week in three jurisdictions (the city of Sacramento, and the states of Mississippi, and New Mexico) indicate voters around the country want to see higher standards and genuine accountability for people who violate common sense ethical rules. But for many politicians, “ethics” is nothing more than a talking point. Rep.…Read More