Should animals feel abondoned and unwelcome? Would you like to feel disrespected and unloved? I know you wouldn't. It might not be your animal. But at this second, this moment in time, hundreds of thousands of animals are being abused, fighting for their lives, or sleeping in a cardboard box. Sign this petition and send it to all of your friends to help raise awareness. Even if you don't like animals, please sign. These animals don't deserve to be treated this way. And, if you want to help them further, make a petition yourself, adopt an animal out of the pound, humane society or even off the street, you could even feed the cat in the alley, make every animal's life better, one step at a time!

The deadline for this action is June 20th, 2013. This is the date I have set because this will be my 17th birthday. As my birthday present, I want to reach my goal for awareness. This year when people ask me what I would like, I am not going to say "shoes, clothes, giftcards, etc." I will ask for animal supplies, money, or voluntary work to the local humane society in my community.

A little difference can make alot. Help the animals, one day at a time!

An animal is just not a pet, it is Family. Nobody Should be Left Behind.

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