Do you want to help prevent more forest fires in Israel? Texas Longhorns with Holistic grazing will eat the shrubs that cause the fires and…Read More

Stand against anti-Semitism

Here is a small gift of the sacred words of a Jewish Warrior Blessed Is The Match Blessed is the match consumed in kindling…Read More

Stand against anti-Semitism

We, Jews and Israel, need serious help on u-tube (and face book), but my main goal is to remove all u-tube sites and their members who are promoting the most atrocious anti-Jew/Israel incitement and blood libels.
If we thought for one moment that the propaganda against Jews in Europe created by…Read More

I believe this matters greatly.. I don't feel that hate on anybody should take place.. it's no doubt in my opinion that our new administration have incited hateful ppl and groups to act out. This is both worrisome and scary. It needs to stop now.. it's not what we are about as human beings. The…Read More

Israël est la terre de D.ieu, l'apartheid est un leurre créé par les ennemis d'Israël, qui est ennemi d'Israël est ENNEMI De D.ieu!

Stand against anti-Semitism
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