Dee Wilson wants to

Erect a Blue Plaque at Wolsey's Bar Bangor County Down.

this the birthplace of the Ulster Punk scene, where equality and acceptance to one another first came together as one

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Dee Wilson
Dee Wilson Campaign leader

we simply ask for recognition - the Ulster Historical Circle commemorate their own generation (the Sixties) yet arrogantly dismiss the…Read More

Four decades on, ‘it’s time to honour’ the punk dreamers of an Alternative Ulster

the Guardian
The old punks of “Alternative Ulster” are rebelling again, this time over the refusal of a request to recognise the role of bands such as Stiff Little Fingers in uniting Protestants and Catholics at the height of the Troubles. Amateur punk historian Dee Wilson, author of The Punk Trilogy, approached the Ulster Historical Circle with a proposal…Read More

Because SLF made us matter.

Punk Matters – But Not Enough. Thank you, Stiff Little Fingers

considering the lilies
When punk rock ruled over Ulster, nobody ever had more excitement and fun. Between the bombings and shootings, the religious hatred and the settling of old scores, punk gave everybody a chance to live for one glorious burning moment. ~ Joe Strummer, The Clash Stiff Little Fingers celebrates its forty years in the music business with a…Read More