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Stop the Leaks

Leaks by government officials about Trump's campaign are illegal. Leakers should be prosecuted to the fullest extent.

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Update: Trump is launching an investigation into the leaks!

Trump mounts bid to find leakers, as speculation surrounds Obama officials

Fox News
President Trump is setting out to uncover the saboteurs leaking damaging details about his administration, as speculation intensifies over whether current officials or a cabal of Obama lieutenants – or both – are turning the faucets.  One former senior intelligence official told Fox News he suspects…Read More
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Read this important article about the political assassination of Michael Flynn.

The Political Assassination of Michael Flynn

Bloomberg View
If we are to believe the Trump White House, National Security Adviser Michael Flynn just resigned because he lied about his conversations with Russia's ambassador to the vice president. As White House senior counselor Kellyanne Conway told NBC's "Today Show" on Tuesday: "Misleading the vice president really was the key here." That sounds about as…Read More