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Remember Merrick Garland

The Supreme Court should have been rebalanced by Obama. Don't let Trump define the Supreme Court for the next 50 years.

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Matt Wilson

Republicans do not deserve a nominee. They rejected the Constitution when they blocked Merrick Garland from taking the bench. Democrats…Read More

Trump Nominates Conservative Neil Gorsuch To Supreme Court

The Huffington Post
Fulfilling what was arguably his most consequential campaign promise, President Donald Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch, a federal appeals judge in Denver, to the Supreme Court seat of the late Antonin Scalia, who died last February. The announcement during a prime-time broadcast Tuesday night, came amid a barrage of protests, some legal…Read More
Progressive Impact
Progressive Impact Campaign leader

Democrats have secured the filibuster! Now we will see if the Republicans will get rid of the undemocratic filibuster, a move that will…Read More

Democrats secure enough votes to block Gorsuch, setting stage for ‘nuclear option

Washington Post
Senate Democrats secured enough votes Monday to filibuster the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court, increasing the likelihood that Republicans will enact a rules change to ensure his confirmation and pushing the battle into its climactic final act. Four more Senate Democrats confirmed they will support a filibuster of…Read More
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