Joanna Tierno
Joanna Tierno Campaign leader

Thank you Staten Island Advance for raising awareness of Wilbur's plight.

Petition to save Wilbur the pig: What you need to know
STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- Staten Islanders wondering how they can help make sure Wilbur the pig continues to call Staten Island home can sign a petition to show their support. Joanna Tierno started an online petition to save Wilbur on Jan. 16 hoping for 1,000 signatures. Just a week later, the Midland Beach resident's petition had reached over…Read More

I've been a rehab nurse for 30 years, also a caregiver for family members with disabilities. My present pet Dobro and I are certified in Animal-Assisted Therapy. There is no shortage of data demonstrating the value that animals bring to people's quality of life. Government needs to focus on…Read More

Wilbur is a family pet he is obviously well taken care of he should be with his family 5 years you just don't take a pet out he is a family member some people should just mind their business there's worse things in the world to worry about God bless Wilbur and family stay Wilbert stay

Joanna Tierno
Joanna Tierno Campaign leader

Thank you Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis and Councilman Steve Matteo as well as all six members of Staten Island's Albany delegation

The following letter, signed by all six... - Nicole Malliotakis | Facebook

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This article details the city health code prohibiting these sweet, intelligent, and yes, clean animals from living as companion animals!

Pet Pigs of New York: Illegal, Embattled, Beloved

The New York Times
Wilbur, however, a placid 180-pounder with a fondness for orange peppers and daylong naps, is about to leave their ranks. Though the judge dismissed the violation last May, accepting Ms. Matteo’s explanation that Wilbur was an emotional support animal for her and her father, the city’s health department got the dismissal overturned. Ms. Matteo,…Read More
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