This man's history is one that's totally un-American. He is not to be trusted in the legal system. If he gets appointed and is approved, watch out American blacks, immigrants and Latinos.

Adele Azar Rucquoi

Sen. Sessions was denied a Federal Judge appointment by the US Senate about 20 years ago for poor civil rights views and a history of…Read More

stop Jeff Sessions' nomination as Attorney General

Jeff Session is a redneck! Alabama is a redneck state. The majority of young Americans are not interested discrimination, and mistreating others because of their race or beliefs. Young Americans seek harmony, unity, love and friendship. Jeff Session is out of touch!

Jeff Session's campaign to be the next Attorney-General of this country would almost be funny if it weren't so sad. In fact it's more than sad, it borders on criminal, he's a ultra-right-wing bigot with huge ambitions. Do this country a big favor and withdraw this nomination, before it's too…Read More

To many of our people had to fight,and die us as a people to have this right to vote and to let some one like this take it a way Hell no sing in to this

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