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Hold Donald Trump accountable for his conflicts of interest

We must stop the biggest ethics scandal-in-the-making: Donald Trump’s massive, unprecedented conflicts of interest.

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Democratic senators including Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) said Thursday morning that they would introduce a bill next month requiring the…Read More

Elizabeth Warren Says Democrats Will Introduce Presidential Conflict-of-Interest Bill in January

Slate Magazine
Elizabeth Warren and Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley (in the red tie) at the Capitol on Nov. 16. Jonathan Ernst/Reuters Today's the day that Donald Trump said he would announce his plan to deal with the many avenues of potential corruption created by the Trump Organization's ongoing foreign and domestic projects. He's since pushed the announcement…Read More

I can't believe people everywhere have forgotten their History Lessons prier to 1933 , and before . Most people voting for ''Trump'', are…Read More

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The Revealing
     Rooftop Forrest Project Mike j Hughes A few days ago I was on a bus in the downtown inner city. I was in deep contemplation while observing the countless ”skyscrapers ” using the ‘Maps App’. I really love using Maps to explore the City’s of the world while having coffee at Starbucks . I enjoy this technology . Then suddenly I became…Read More
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