Editorial run by The Newcastle Herald, putting into perspective the wider implications on not only the LGBTIQ community but also Newcastle…Read More

Gateway stand-off puts cloud over nightlife

Newcastle Herald
EDITORIAL: Concerns over the Gateway Hotel puts a cloud over the city's nightlife THE ebb and flow of Newcastle’s nightlife has been a recurring trope in debates about the city’s future. From violence to lockouts, decline to resurgence, the health of the night economy has often been held up as a barometer of the overall trend…Read More

Let the media coverage begin! Thank you Amber & Opus Magazine...

Are we losing the last bastion of Newcastle's queer scene?

The queer scene in Newcastle has a proud, yet turbulent history. Insofar as venues that catered to LGBTIQ-identifying people, The Star Hotel was probably the loudest and proudest. The hotel is fondly remembered by 70s kids as a broadly inclusive place, and patrons cherished the sense of community. Of course, the famous Star Hotel Riot happened…Read More

We use to go to the gateway. ever since our good friends were assaulted physically and verbally we haven't been back...it was a safe place for us and there would be very few who would still feel that the gateway offers that safety anymore...