Brad Tiegs wants to

Pilot a Veterans in the Classroom program in my community.

Helping Students, Helping Veterans, Building community bonds that work!

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Brad Tiegs
Brad Tiegs Campaign leader

This is the brainchild behind this idea...

The Value of Veterans’ Service Back Home |
Team RubiconU.S. Army veteran Steve Schneider lending a hand in Moore, Okla. Joe Klein’s cover story, How Service Can Save Us in last week’s Time, identifies several critical issues that must be further explored and better understood if we are to more successfully engage and support the men, women, and families who serve our country. First and…Read More
Brad Tiegs
Brad Tiegs Campaign leader

This flyer has the contact info for veterans and other ways to help for those wanting to help.

Vets in the Classroom

Vets in the Classroom What is Vets in the Classroom? This program is designed to provide training and compensation for an adult United States Military veteran to work with students that have been deemed at-risk and are struggling academically. How does Vets in the Classroom work? A program director will gather prospective veterans into an…Read More