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Stop the spraying of insecticides on flight passengers.

The spraying of insecticides such as Permathrin is a known dopamine inhibitor. Which can lead to Parkinson's Disease.

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    I am a 33 year old Mother to a beautiful & healthy 4 year old daughter. We have plans to fly to…Read More

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Dame Erin Katalonan
Dame Erin Katalonan Campaign leader

Supporting article on the dangers of in-flight & Australian aircraft landing procedure of spraying aircraft cabins with chemical…Read More

Parkinson's link to insecticide sprays

LONG-haul flight attendants who have been forced to spray insecticide through aircraft cabins every time they landed in Australia fear the chemicals may have given them Parkinson's disease. And experts have warned any frequent international flyer exposed to repeated doses of insecticide within an enclosed aircraft cabin could also face the same…Read More