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Remove Corporate Control and High Costs of Medical Care Canada.

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    I campaign for freedom, equal rights and a peaceful resolution. Exercising internal and external…Read More

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Wellness Check on Native Women of North America; she was shot by police.

Police Kill Renee Davis, Pregnant Native Woman

Renee Davis was shot and killed by King* County (Washington) Sheriff’s deputies on Friday (October 21). The 23-year-old Native woman was five months pregnant and struggling with depression. She texted a friend to say that she was “in a bad way,” her foster sister, Danielle Bargala, told the Seattle Times. That person called the police, who went to…Read More

Health care system of Canada is broken - Canadians pay for dental costs! Corporations and costs are always on a steady rise! Dentists are…Read More

Why Doesn't Our Health-Care System Cover Dental?

The Huffington Post
April is oral health month in Canada. Ads remind us to book an appointment with our dentist for a regular dental exam and to get our teeth cleaned by a dental hygienist. But in Canada's private dental care system, you have to pay to access both of these oral health services. So what if you can't afford to see a dentist or dental hygienist? Well…Read More

Healthy peoples, healthier families, healthier communities, healthier nation; I thought Canada promoted the Best Health Care System in the…Read More

REALITY CHECK: Broten & NDP fabricate health care layoff crisis for political gain

Saskatchewan Party
Cam Broten and the NDP will do almost anything to get elected, including fabricating a layoff crisis in Prince Albert after one unfunded position on the obstetrics unit ended because more Registered Nurses (RNs) were hired.  The worker in question has been offered several other options, including different positions in the health region. But…Read More

Canadians need Proper Health Care!! I don't think Justin realizes the "here and now" in Canada for Canadians!

Trudeau announces $650M for sexual and reproductive health projects around the world
The federal government plans to spend $650 million over three years for international sexual and reproductive health projects, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said today as he marked International Womenâ��s Day. The support will focus on sexuality education, improving reproductive health services and investing in family planning and contraceptives,…Read More
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