One day a shining bright light full of grace, beauty, intelligence, walked into a Rhuematologist's office for the third time within 45 days and was mismanaged, mismonitored, misdiagnosed, files were filled with false reporting and within 12 hours this 30 year old beauty was dead.

Have you ever lost someone very dear to you in an untimely way? Have you known someone who have been misdiagnosed by a medical facility or doctor? Help hold medical industry responsible for reckless, careless actions resulting in untimely deaths and suffering by abolishing the damage cap.

Tara Lynn DeRogatis Foundation works to gain access for all victims of medical malpractice in to the court system by campaigning to remove the MICRA law ( 38 years old) which now BLOCKS all families to hold a doctor responsible for wrongful death and medical harm. Please help fight for our rights…Read More