There’s a legend that, in World War II, when the Germans occupied Denmark, they ordered all Jews to wear a yellow Star of David.  The King of Denmark rode out in the morning wearing a yellow star, and so did the rest of the population.  The Germans rescinded the order.

The story apparently is a myth, but Danish resistance to the Nazi’s genocidal decrees did succeed in saving  thousands of Jews from the death camps.  And the legend exemplifies the principle of nonviolent resistance and solidarity.  If we all stand together, if we refuse to let Trump single out any group for persecution, we can protect one another, and take a strong stand for justice.

In this dire moment, we need to send a strong message that we will not let prejudice and hatred prevail.  We call on every person of good heart to join us, to hold the vision that this country can yet become a place where we value diversity, cherish the freedom to believe and worship as we choose, and counter fear with courage and love.

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