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Tell Google to put Palestine back on Google Maps!

Google has taken Palestine off of their maps. 137 countries and the UN recognize Palestine as a state.

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Google Maps Just Completely Erased Palestine — And the Internet Is Pissed

Google drew the ire of the internet after it decided to enter the Israel-Palestine conflict in the shadiest possible way. The area, previously labeled "Palestine" or "Palestinian Territories" on Google Maps now reads "Israel." This appears to have been a move made several months ago, but has picked up traction after some observant people took…Read More
Equal Rights
Equal Rights Campaign leader

Does Google actually think that this is a reasonable explanation to continue to omit Palestine from its global maps? Do better, Google.…Read More

Google denies deleting Palestine from Maps following online uproar

Wednesday 10 August 2016 Google Maps Google has been forced to deny accusations it has deleted Palestine from Maps after a bug led labels on the West Bank and Gaza to disappear. ADVERTISEMENT After critics claimed Palestine had been "airbrushed" out, the tech giant explained to WIRED that it was never there in the first place and…Read More
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