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Tell Trump to Release His Tax Returns

No candidate in over 40 years has refused to release their tax returns. Why's Trump hiding?

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Warren Buffett wants to see what's behind the curtain too.

Warren Buffett Challenges Donald Trump to Release Tax Returns
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Big Deal!!! Surprise, surprise. When Trtump wants money or is getting sued he's had no problem releasing his tax returns. "While Donald…Read More

Trump Has Turned Over Tax Returns _ for Lawsuits and Loans

ABC News
While Donald Trump won't publicly release his income tax returns, the New York businessman has turned them over when it suited his needs — if he stood to make a profit, needed a loan or when a judge forced him. Pennsylvania gaming regulators were given at least five years' worth and eight boxes full of Trump's tax documents. Nevada, Michigan,…Read More

Donald Trump Jr. said releasing his Dad's tax returns would raise too many questions....Well that's exactly why we need them released!

Donald Trump Jr. explains the real reason his dad won’t release his tax returns

Donald Trump has thus far declined to follow the precedent set by the past 40 or so years’ worth of presidential campaigns and release copies of his recent tax returns. He says the reason for this is that his returns are under audit by the IRS, an explanation that lawyers and accountants find baffling — there’s no reason audited returns can’t be…Read More
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