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Harry Markarian

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Make Syria Recognize The Armenian Genocide

Not only me , it matters every Armenian, and should matter every decent individual, regardless of race, color, language or religion . 1.5 million Armenians were the first victims of 20th century, and for almost a 100 years, the whole world turned its back on them.... we are no longer looking for vengeance......we are demanding justice. It is an unpunished crime against humanity.....

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Մարինե Վահրադյան

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Make Syria Recognize The Armenian Genocide

Dear President Dr. Bashar Al-Assad, It's time to recognize the 20th century's first genocide, The Armenian Genocide, the perpetrators are still unpunished and the Turkish government is still in denial. The Syrian people were the first who witnessed the deportation and the annihilation of the Armenians, therefore, we ask your excellency to recognize the Armenian Genocide as a disgrace in the forehead of those who committed the crime and those who are covering the crime.

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Sha Kay

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Make Syria Recognize The Armenian Genocide

Well My mother 's side her mom was pregnent with her,she was bourne on the street,of exciel,.,or do you wont me to tell you About my father's story or My mother inlaw age 3 whom she wes salved by e Kurdish man who inslaved her, for over 20 years or my fathe inlaw who was 7 years old who eskaped and was hiding bcause of his small size was rescued and save d or the grand parents that they were killed ,who and wich story will make it more interesting to you that will make you'r disision opon ? now I can't make you read all this becouse in reality I know you know all this I will just name thier names ,and i will leave it up to you consuess to decide.Habib kechechejian Hermine Panoyan Alice Yapoojian Artin Panoyan, Penianin panoyan,Aghavni Hayrabedian,Garo Assailian,Sarkis Sheohmelian, do I need to name them all ?who , thier suffering and witnessed all this ,.... I am willing to tell you about them.I Hope no politic will be involved here to make you'r dissison ,becouse History is not writon only from the poloiticall side it is writon to tell the truth about that time.

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