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The DARK act undercuts states' rights to enforce GMO labeling. This fake GMO labeling bill that will make food less safe

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This is urgent crunch time. Please share and invite your friends to sign the petition to VETO the DARK Act!

House Passes GMO Label Law, Advocates Urge Obama to Veto the DARK Act

Today, Congress chose to favor the interests of the food industry over consumers' right to know what's in the food they eat and feed their families when the House approved the Senate's version of the DARK Act. The bill now goes to President Obama. With this legislation, both the House and the Senate have voted to do away with basic transparency…Read More

No im not a crazy tree hugger. And even though im religous God doesn't assisinate your brain and common sense. Our grandparents did not…Read More

What Are We Eating?

Fact: GMO's have not been proven safe, and the long-term health risks on humans of genetically modified foods have not been adequately investigated. We have a Right to Know What's in our Food   We Currently Eat Genetically Engineered Food, But Don’t Know It A genetically engineered food is a plant or meat product that has had its DNA…Read More