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Bring Hillary Clinton To Justice For Her Email Scandal

I am livid that this evil, lying woman seeks the office of the President of the USA! How could anyone ever vote for a liar, especially when her actions have caused death to those in Benghazi when she failed to react to their pleas for help while they were being attacked by as many as 200 muslims!!! She cannot be trusted!!! Both she and Obama met the families of those who were slain in that airport hangar and had the audacity to tell their parents that the reason was because of a video that had been released and it was the reason that our Ambassador Stevens and 3 other awesome men were murdered in Benghazi. Those days never leave me, for it is overwhelming that someone would allow our men in Benghazi to be murdered and that Obama and Clinton have never admitted that they were the culprits that caused their deaths!!! I pray that their term of election will be realized as nothing but a farce!!! If our country cannot realize that we are being controlled by this government and most assuredly, it will continue until we remove all of those in government who represent the NWO and Agenda 21. If you do not know what these terms mean, just search them on Google!!! Our lives are at stake people!!! If we do not stand together with our black brothers and sisters, we will surely lose the battle our government is trying to divide us. We do not want division! We want blacks people to be as intelligent about what is happening to them under Obama's rule. All those "free" gadgets haven't made any difference for them. They know that!!! Surely they know that Obama has done absolutely nothing to make their futures brighter!!! We must recognize that blacks cannot continue to believe in Obama, for he has done NOTHING for their race! I pray that we can come together as one and seek to turn our current government away from those of us who know that this is a huge mistake!!! God bless America!!!

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