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I had someone say we didn't need to protest against HB2 any more, because it was now up to the courts. Well, here's what Governor Pat…Read More

18 Absurdly False Claims North Carolina Just Made to Defend HB2

The New Civil Rights Movement
Advertisement North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory and his band of merry men submitted a brief in opposition to the United States’ motion for preliminary injunction against his state’s discriminatory and anti-trans law, HB2, and it’s even more disgusting and abhorrent than you’d think it would be.  Opening up with a tired…Read More

"The same legislature has repeatedly sought ways to discriminate against the LGBT community to motivate their base. They put a…Read More

Discrimination as a political tool

So far, the courts are protecting the people of North Carolina against GOP attempts to rig the political system using discrimination. First, they found the 2011 Congressional redistricting unconstitutional because of racial gerrymandering. Next, they threw out the voter suppression bill meant to make voting more difficult for people  who might not…Read More

"The N.C. General Assembly uses HB2 to bully transgender youth. School leaders say they do not tolerate bullying in schools. Remaining…Read More

Silence makes NC school districts complicit in HB2 bullying

With year-round schools starting the 2016-17 year, North Carolina students are returning to schools that are not safe and welcoming for all. This is especially true for transgender students. Despite the efforts of lawmakers, advocacy groups and allies within the business and entertainment communities, House Bill 2 remains law. HB2 prevents…Read More
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