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Jerri Dickinson

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Tell Conservative Justice Clarence Thomas Don't Retire!

If Hillary wins in November and she has TWO Supreme Court justices to appoint to the Supreme Court - WE ARE DONE FOR! All decisions from then on will be based upon the liberal Supreme Court justices personal beliefs on the case at hand and NOT what the Constitution says. It is very likely that many of amendments to the US Constitution (through the Bill of Rights) will be chipped away at and disappear under their liberal Big Brother philosophy. This would certainly include freedom of religion, freedom of speech, gun rights, state rights for sure, limitations imposed on Congress, powers of the Executive branch expanded - and on and on. Our republic - We the people - will be no more! The elite liberals will rule through edict as Obama has been doing. And you know where that leaves conservative Jews and Christians! Just look at where the Christians and Jews are in Democratic Socialist Europe! Almost extinct! Churches and synagogues are empty - some Muslim groups are taking over these buildings. Christianity and Judaism are bearly practiced anymore. Big brother - big government has taken the place of God. Taxes are very high and the people get goodies like Socialist government paid health care. Ask the people of Britain how long they have to wait to see a doctor and for procedures and surgery. ANYWAY PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION TO CLARENCE THOMAS TO PLEASE NOT STEP DOWN! WE NEED HIM!!

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Cathy Lopez

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Tell Conservative Justice Clarence Thomas Don't Retire!

To all of my Friends and Family, as you know that Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas is considering retirement. Because of the death of Antonin Scalia, we can not lose another conservative Supreme Court Judge. If Clarence Thomas retires we will have lost both of our true conservatives on the Supreme Court. We will lose ALL of our Constitutional Rights. I beg of you to sign the petition for the sake of America. Democrats, please stop listening to the drive by media and really open your eyes to see what this government is doing to our Country.

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