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Kelly Diels
Kelly Diels Campaign leader

The most-booked male conference speakers in Australia banded together to refuse to speak on panels or at conferences that do not include…Read More

To end all-male panels, more men are speaking up

The nascent movement to boycott all-male conference panels is gathering momentum. Though the exclusion of women from discussions has been a focus of attention for a couple of years now, with Tumblrs, hashtags, and online pledges dedicated to the cause, a number of prominent male speakers have stepped up in recent weeks to announce they would…Read More
Kelly Diels
Kelly Diels Campaign leader

This writer lists out all the techniques she used to increase the number of submissions to speak from women. Useful, because we can apply…Read More

How I Got 50% Women Speakers at My Tech Conference

Geek Feminism Blog
Guest blogger Courtney Stanton explains how she organized a game developer conference with 50% women speakers. Stanton is a project manager for a video game company in Boston, and long-time feminist scourge of the computer game industry. Her work has been featured on GF several times. Follow her on Twitter at @q0rt. Hi! In case we’ve never…Read More
Kelly Diels
Kelly Diels Campaign leader

So interesting, so real, so savvy. A male public figure takes the pledge not to speak anywhere the panels don't include women. Sort of. And…Read More

A Pledge I Can't Keep

The Atlantic
In 2012, Democratic activist Gina Glantz attended a political panel at Harvard, a post-mortem of the just-completed presidential campaign. The moderator and panelists were all men. “It just sent me over the edge,” she said. To Glantz, 73, the lack of diversity was unforgivable. Where was Beth Myers, one of Mitt Romney’s closest advisers? Where…Read More
Kelly Diels
Kelly Diels Campaign leader

This Harvard Business Review piece by Sarah Milstein is superb - it has 9 wildly implementable ways conference and panel organizers can…Read More

Putting an End to Conferences Dominated by White Men

Harvard Business Review
Many business conferences are notable not only for the prominent people on stage, but also for those who are missing. For instance, at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland this week, fewer than 18% of the speakers are women. Women’s under-representation at such events gets a lot of attention, but people of color are also…Read More
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