Anyone who doesnt support stopping the fur trade must be really heartless.Millions and millions of any fur bearing animals are tortured for that fur jacket or trim on your boots or your gloves,there fur is literally ripped from there skin,can you imagine the pain,no you cant but they have no choice,that is why goods from China is fueling this trade even more as they skin Cats Dogs Raccoons Foxes Mink etc and the Cat and Dog fur is being mixed and exported to all countries under mostly false labels,so if you do not sign any petitions against fur just do not buy it and if you can, do not buy from China,even if you really like it,just think of the animals..
To try and change Matalan's and other store's policies to sell non fur and non Chinese merchandise,to stop selling torture or from a country where there is no animal or human rights or laws...
Please sign and share please
When I have got 10,000 signature's I will be happy for more than that if that happen's I will then send these all with my own to Matalan's head office's and many other store's asking for a reasonable explanation why they think it's right to sell good's from countrie's that are clearly torturing these animal's ....there answer probably would be that it's to buy in cheap and sell for a good profit,that to me is disgusting as it is costing european's there job's and boosting the economy of a barbaric nation.As and when I do send off my petition's with all the signature's I will keep you updated with there replie's as and when I get them.. let's hope we get a great result..
Thankyou so much my friend's

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