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Create Stronger Laws Protecting Wildlife in National Parks

Visitors to our national parks often put wildlife and themselves in danger. The Park service must have tighter laws.

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Stop Animal Cruelty
Stop Animal Cruelty Campaign leader

Lack of public education and Park Service responsibility has led to this Bison calf being killed :(

Park Service Euthanizes 'Rescued' Bison Calf at Yellowstone

NBC News
The tourists believed the baby bison was cold. So during their visit to Yellowstone National Park last week, they "rescued" it — and were then scolded for doing so. In fact, the National Park Service said Monday, the calf had been rejected by its herd because park visitors wouldn't leave the newborn alone. …Read More

Here's a great and compassionate article about how we interact with the wild and what happened with this bison calf. Worth the read IMHO.…Read More

Yellowstone National Park

Separated from its mother, this bison calf was photographed a few days before two Canadians put it in their SUV to take it to rangers because it was cold and shivering/Deby Dixon I met the bison calf who took a ride in an SUV early one evening as I drove west in Lamar Valley, past the pullout known as “Picnic.” The late afternoon sun on a…Read More
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