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Tell AT&T to not sponsor Trump's Republican Convention

Donald Trump is the nominee & his hate-filled speech will consume the event. AT&T needs to stand up for what is right.

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Progressive Impact
Progressive Impact Campaign leader

Is AT&T sponsoring hate?

AT&T named as official provider to Republican National Convention
CLEVELAND, Ohio --  AT&T has been named as an official telecommunications provider for the Republican National Convention, according to the committee helping plan the event. Convention officials on Tuesday announced the sponsorship, through which they said AT&T will bring Cleveland the telecommunications infrastructure needed to handle…Read More
Progressive Impact
Progressive Impact Campaign leader

Sponsors are starting to distance themselves from Trump's convention. Keep up the good work! We're almost to 10,000 signatures!

Microsoft is not donating cash to support the Republican Convention this year

Business Insider
Microsoft said on Friday that it is not supporting the Republican National Convention with a cash donation this year. However, it is donating technology to the organization and will not withdraw that form of sponsorship. As for the Democrats' convention, Microsoft says that it is also donating technology as well as "some sponsorship of host…Read More
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