Our rain forests are very important for two reason as I mentioned before we are loosing 20% of our oxygen for the entire globe some may look at this and say that there is still 80 more % but if you think logical and you have 100 pieces of candy  and you take 20% away you only have you loose 20 pieces witch is not good. For my second reason why rain forests are so important is because it has over 40,000 types of species and if you were to take away the forests you would have near to nothing not to mention all of the other unknown species in the forests and that out of the 40,000 they consist of plants,birds,amphibians,fish and insects. All of this life is important to the planet because these animals help the rain forests if there was no types of fungi on the ground the rain forest would not be functional and for things that can be harmful to the environment predators can keep them in check the amazon is like our society sure there are bad things in it but for the most part it is good. When we started cutting down trees in the rain forest during 1970 only 3% was taken, 3% of 1.4 billion acres (That is the total size of the amazon) it is a total of 4+ million acres being cut down. That was just in one year. This is just in the amazon which I may add does not have the highest deforestation, the place with the highest deforestation levels the highest is Honduras which is located just north of the Amazon. Honduras's does not have 10% or even 5% they have lost so much for what they originally had now they have -37% of there original rain forest, the reason why it is in the negatives is because of what has been grown in an attempt to stop the deforestation from getting worse but as you can see that has not worked. I hope that someone who is large in one of these corporations who are apart of the loss of our rain forest. 

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