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Stephen Brackens Brinkley

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Defend A Free And Open Internet

Brothers and Sisters, we know how important the internet has become to us! Why, myself alone, I have over one hundred personal kin folk on Facebook! So, that being said, we need to back this net neutrality petition to the hilt. I know I can count on you. So please, show you CARE, SIGN and SHARE this worthy cause. Hey , if you don't you'll just be hurting me, you and everyone else. Let's go !!!

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Karen Lee Ziegler Glasgow

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Defend A Free And Open Internet

I am so tired of cable charging an arm and leg and getting nearing nothing in return. I was getting the "free TV channels" and "poof" the cable company says I have to buy box to convert the channel through. What it is really about is the company wants to make money. I could get the none cable channels, it came through just fine and then the service found a way to extort money from me by "selling a box". You can not get the channels you want, you have to pay for all kinds of TV you don't want at inflated prices. Elderly on limited incomes and home bound should be able to have excess to entertainment and news without being subject to extortion. I pay for the internet and that is expensive enough, now cable is expensive and requires a contract that is does not allow for hardship cancellation due to medical. These companies show no mercy. Were there more choices, services and fair prices I might be interested in cable products. To date they ask for more money but haven't really offered customer quality service products....I feel like I am paying for lobbyist and politicians not customer service, maybe because I am.

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David Goodall

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Defend A Free And Open Internet

Listen, I don't watch Mainstream Media as it is replete in propaganda, and represents, moreover, the information the Elite within our country and others wish the Citizenry to hear and see in shaping our perception of reality and its narrative. The Internet represents the Great Equalizer in enabling the ordinary Citizen and global humanity access to information and content that arm the ordinary, everyday person to counteract and leverage his/her interests against unwarranted power that is oftentimes usurped by those sufficiently monied to buy off our legislators in Congress, which the "they" have done in the past-- successfully. Fight back! I personally enjoy getting the oTruth from my internet-based media sources, and NO ONE should be able to affect the Internet in such a way as to take it away or convert it away from its present form from ordinary, everyday people and future generations to come. Fight back! And let's protect that which is rightfully the natural property of us, THE PEOPLE. Fight back! Thank you.

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