I was young when my mom's younger brother Ronald Lee Clute killed himself after he came home from vietnum war . I was told that he kept on having flashbacks and his wife left him while his over seas fighting for his country. His boss told him if he got back he will have his job back .that was a…Read More

I am a disabled vietnam Viet who earned a purple Heart and two Commendation Medals for bravery and valor. PTSD is part of my every day life. Many Vets suffer terribly and need our support. Thanking them for their service is a big boost. Vietnam Vets were denied that.
john Murro

Camp Hope

I hope you all agree that our troops do not get the support they deserve....especially after they have been deployed and come home. That…Read More

Combat suicide among our troops

If they've survived, they've sacrificed enough!

Combat suicide among our troops
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