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Randy Purham

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Combat Suicide Among Our Troops

As a Veterans advocate and being a Veteran myself, I see and experience the lackluster support our veterans across the United States receive. I don't its asking too much if the government that asks us to sacrifice ourselves - in turn sacrifice itself to take care of us when we have fulfilled our end of the contract. The suicide rate among vets is astoundingly high and ridiculous! It can all be prevented or minimized with some care and concern from our Congressional leadership to emphasize on this importance. Stand with me today to ensure that the battle to end suicides and provision of quality healthcare is provided to our men and women that defend our country and our way of life.

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McKenzie Leopold

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Combat Suicide Among Our Troops

"To think they (veterans) could be trapped in a broken system simply because of their service, and not have the same access to quality services available to private citizens, is outrageous. Unbelievably, as we approach two years since the scandal broke out at the VA with secret wait lists, patients dying waiting for appointments, and an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness, we’re finding that our veterans still aren’t even coming close to that vision for 21st century care. In fact, according to recent reports, the situation is even worse." This just isn't fair. Thank you for your petition signatures -- please invite your friends to join!

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